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Cancun - Playa Del Carmen - Tulum

Taxis are abundant in the Mayan Riviera and fairly inexpensive. There are taxi stands throughout Playa del Carmen and at most of the all inclusive resorts in the area.


Taxi prices are fixed, there are no meters, and tipping the driver is customary.


Count on the fare being about $1US per minute of driving. So if something is about 20 minutes drive, the fare will be about $20US.


Try to pay in Pesos,Taxi drivers will accept USD but normally at a lesser exchange rate than the bank or exchange booths.


The taxis in Cancun have green stripes, in Puerto Morelos gold stripes, in Playa del Carmen turquoise stripes and in Tulum red stripes. They will all be numbered as all are part of the taxi union.


Try Radio Taxi PDS application, you download it from the App Store or Google store. You will be able to order a taxi, see the exact price and they will assign you a driver.

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